I love the Pixar movie, Up. It’s a sweet story about love, adventure and for me, distractions. The canine characters featured in the movie are equipped with advanced technology that helps translate their doggie talk into English allowing them to speak to humans. Even though the dogs are advanced in communications, they find it hard to outrun their nature. Anytime the dogs hear a distracting noise in the distance, they wonder aloud whether or not it’s a “Squirrel!” I have lovingly come to define my distractions as squirrels and often call myself a squirrel hunter.

In the year of 2020 (which ironically means sharp eyes), one of my goals is to eliminate the squirrels (or distractions) and focus. I plan to focus on my priorities and resist the knee jerk tendency to hunt squirrels. My friend, Gary Baker, encouraged me to finish each project before I move onto the next, almost like a waterfall. The next fall can’t begin until the first pool is filled. It just so happens that in the movie UP! they feature a waterfall as the destination of the main characters.

This year, my first waterfall comes in the form of Studio 1500, which is a collaborative environment where service providers and instructors can work together to utilize convenient spaces to practice and build their businesses. My goal is to bring together experts in their disciplines who offer much more collectively than they could ever offer individually – all under one roof. 

A year from now you will wish you had started today. ― Karen Lamb