In 2015, I left my banking career at Rockwood Bank to begin an entrepreneurial journey. It was my dream to start a variety of businesses and develop a diversified portfolio over time. I created Seed Level Creativity Lab with the purpose of seeding ideas and laying the foundation for creating a virtual resource network. 

TOP50STL was my first project. It was an online platform for aggregating good news about St. Louis and building relationships. During that time, I cultivated a relationship that led to the birth of Medici MediaSpace. We invited collaborators and entrepreneurs to come together and transform an empty building in Overland, Missouri into a thriving coworking community.  After two years, I wanted to focus more on building community than on filling space so my partner acquired the company from me.

To reignite my original goals, I started the Saint Louis Business Club as a resource network of professionals in six areas of of life and six areas of business. We started meeting at Undivided Experience Center in Chesterfield, Missouri in the summer of 2019.

By a stroke of serendipity, I had a chance to collaborate with the owners of a centrally located building in Richmond Heights that includes offices, a conference room, two spacious studios and community spaces. That was where the seeds of Studio 1500 started growing. At our new campus, we can make use of our knowledge and experience to continue pursuing our dreams as well as supporting the goals of the instructors and club members. 

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success,
and endowed with the seeds of greatness. – Zig Ziglar