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As the Chief Creative Strategist for Seed Level Creativity Lab, Brian Lunt guides clients through a step-by-step process of building an ideal life or business. By focusing on fundamentals, Brian helps clients build a strong foundation and a comprehensive plan to reach their goals. The plans can be simple, but not easy which is why adding an accountability partner and coach may be an invaluable addition to your team.

Brian typically meets with clients one-on-one on a weekly basis whether in-person or through a video call. In these meetings, Brian reviews progress from the prior week, holds clients accountable to their commitments and introduces new exercises and resources to get organized and develop their customized plan of action. The pace is set by the client, so engagements can last a few months or go on indefinitely.

Brian is also the President of the Saint Louis Business Club which supports an integrated network of resources throughout the greater metro Saint Louis area. Brian likes to play matchmaker within his network so that friends and clients connect with the right people and services for their needs. He also regularly hosts events and masterminds on a variety of topics to better connect and educate the community.

Brian was born and raised in Saint Louis. He attended the University of Missouri in Columbia. While at Mizzou, he was fortunate to study abroad in London, England and Perth, Australia. Brian  graduated with a degree in Sociology. He spent thirteen years working in every department of Rockwood Bank, a regional community bank that his father founded in 1989. Brian graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University in 2010, and he earned his MBA at Washington University in 2011. He added a financial planning office at the bank in 2012. His years at the bank gave him a solid foundation in the financial industry and exposed him to countless examples of small businesses. He has been starting, scaling and advising small businesses since 2015.

Our Why

We create communities that inspire people to do and be their best!

Our How

We build platforms that connect people and foster a productive community.

Our What

We facilitate and collaborate on projects that help us grow and prosper together.

What We Do

Seed Level Creativity Lab helps individuals map out their ideal life and design a business or career that supports that ideal life. We use our holistic programs to assist individuals, groups, and businesses to build the life they wish existed. Our process allows you to develop a customized plan for your own life or business with access to our comprehensive network of resources in every area of life and business.

In 2019, the Saint Louis Business Club was launched to create opportunities to connect and bring professionals together to build community, inspire collaboration, and provide guidance in creative spaces and platforms that encourage productive activity.

The Saint Louis geography serves as a centralized physical nerve, and the Saint Louis Business Club wraps a virtual element around it with access to expertise 24/7 at (virtually) any location in the world. This allows us a much better landscape to provide value to small business owners. The circle of access to expertise over time is literally unlimited.


When you connect with people who share your values and have similar goals, you have the opportunity to excel at a higher level.


The right connections are key to your success. Discover how you can make a bigger impact by leveraging and growing a valuable network.


Take your vision from strategy to execution with creative, specialized programs that are designed to get your business where you want it to go.

Companies and Organizations

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What Clients Say

"I have been working directly with Brian Lunt as a coaching client since January 2020. I am so glad I have Brian on my team, especially with the uniqueness of 2020. With Brian as a guide and sounding board we have been able to navigate 2020 with grace and profit. We have stayed open, kept our employees, and shifted strategies to keep the momentum going. Brian brings a calmness and wisdom beyond his years. I am very excited to continue implementing our new strategies, enjoy our increased growth, and serve more people.
Thank you Brian for all that you do. We make a great team."
Windmill Wellness Center

“I can honestly say that Brian is one of the most creative people I have ever met. Brian is one step ahead of his peer group in coming up with ideas;a true “out-of-the-box” thinker. Brian has the skills to do almost anything when he puts his mind to it. I would recommend Brian’s services to any business owner — they will not be disappointed."

Lindbergh Properties

"The process Brian has developed is well thought out and comprehensive in a manner that will focus your efforts in evaluating life, goals and your own success. He has found a great balance of structure and flexibility. He listens and brings thoughtful and insightful analysis to the conversation—this can be invaluable as you work through the process. If this is a journey you are considering, I would highly recommend Brian and his process in helping you to be successful.”

Vollmar & Associates

"People aren’t against you; they are for themselves. This is what my business mentor, Brian Lunt taught me in his Seed Level program. I am working with Brian to develop a program for fighters and martial artists that will help them Entrepreneur their fight career....so watch out! Now, I have a Business Senseii!"

Andre Academy

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