This summer, I went to lunch with my mentor, Dr. Tom Hill. He asked me whether he should move forward with hosting his annual Eagle Summit gathering in person or virtually. He wanted to be as considerate as possible given the current situation, but he also understands that a huge part of the value exchange for the summit are the relationships that are built in person. The 60th Eagle Summit is scheduled to take place next week in Houston, TX, and I’m happy to report that yes, it will take place in person.

I’ve been hosting in-person gatherings professionally for many years, but I almost feel like they’ve been a part of my life since birth. When I was very young, my Mom and a neighbor of ours were the daycare providers for our street. In many ways, my house was the place to be! Consequently, I developed a craving for gathering in person and a hunger for community at a very early age.

Throughout the years, I’ve always liked to host people at my houses (or my parent’s houses). In high school and college, my house was always considered a party house and more recently my driveway was always considered a place to gather. Now I host regular events for a variety of professional groups.

It was easy for me to answer my mentor’s question. Of course, I think in-person gatherings are the best way to go, even faced with an unprecedented and confusing environment due to Covid. While I don’t think the fear of in-person gatherings is going away anytime soon, and I respect the beliefs and caution of others, I choose to promote my business as primarily in person. For people who want to make powerful connections and be involved in productive activity, we offer in-person and virtual options through the Saint Louis Business Club

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Picasso