January 15 was the grand opening of Studio 1500. The idea for the space evolved after I started exploring convenient locations to conduct entrepreneurial productivity. The second floor of the building has two large studios that had been used for yoga classes. I liked the idea of balancing business activity with fitness opportunities, so I worked out an arrangement with the owners and started improving the space. The building is located at 1500 S. Big Bend Blvd. in Richmond Heights, Missouri. The name came from combining the address with the studio space.

I launched the Saint Louis Business Club in 2019. It is an organization that consists of a resource network of professionals in every aspect of life and business who are proactively connecting inside a collaborative community. We provide educational opportunities to learn the latest trends in technology, life and business advice for maximum growth. Studio 1500 is the location for meetings, classes and workshops for members and guests.

A variety of fitness classes are offered in the two studios. They currently include Fitness Boxing and Muay Thai Sprawl taught by Jermaine Andre, a member of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Hall of Fame. West East Yoga will be starting classes for certification in teaching Yoga led by Jaime Sanchez and his team in February. You can view the calendar on the Studio 1500 website. The combination of fractional space plus several resources for connecting and education gives business owners and class instructors a starting point to make their dreams a reality.

Do you have a dream?

We are limited only by our imagination and our will to act.
– Ron Garan