Watching someone else’s dreams come true is very exciting! There’s something special about seeing a person identify their passion and pursue it with a vengeance. I am drawn to that passion, and it’s what I felt when I met Katy McKinney, Founder & Head of School at Classical Academy de Lafayette (CAL) in Wentzville, MO.

I often say that I don’t have many modern day heroes. My heroes are the Masters of the Ages – the authors, scientists, explorers, philosophers and statesman who have made an incredible mark on history. Some of my favorite Masters were the founding fathers of America. CAL does an incredible job of highlighting them through a classical education in the Western Tradition provided with a curriculum designed by Hillsdale College. It’s an excellent curriculum, and I am a raving fan! 

When I met Katy and heard her mission and vision for the school, I was really excited to help. I was thrilled to be asked to join the board and become an advisor for Katy and her staff. She and I have worked closely together to best navigate all the challenges that 2020 has thrown at the school. I predict big things for the future.

What has also been rewarding is recommending the network of resources we’ve pooled together at the Saint Louis Business Club. I have referred several of our members and friends for board positions, fractional roles, and providers of products and services. The results have been terrific!

Our most recent collaborative effort was a film project for an end-of-year donation drive. We collaborated with Rick Duree who is one of our Business Club Masters as well as a Board Member at CAL; we engaged Timothy McGimpsey as our content producer for the video; and we also brought in our strategic partners at Video Squirrel to help us run the campaign. I think it turned out great, but you can take a look for yourself at THIS LINK. Any shares, likes on social media and/or donations to the cause are much appreciated!

“Work hard, dream big, and surround yourself with good people.” 

– Author Unknown