Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents are required to take continuing education to maintain their licenses. I have had my real estate license since about 2005 so I’m familiar with the routine. The requirement is meant to keep professionals up to date on the newest information and trends in their industry while offering the public reassurance that a licensed professional should know more than most. Where do people go for continuing education in life and business?

The Saint Louis Business Club provides a space at The Annex as well as virtual tools to continuously learn about life and business for people who want to “create the things they wish existed.” Our members can design and deliver classes and workshops to teach virtually and in person as well as participate in learning experiences that other members have created. In addition to creative spaces that are designed for small group activities, we offer Owl technology that captures 360-degree video and audio for a more face-to-face experience for people who participate through Zoom.

Education is the movement from darkness to light. – Allan Bloom