A Convergence of Communities

When business owners from diverse backgrounds and experience come together, they have a greater opportunity to elevate their business. Mastermind sessions that have a specific purpose can be very effective, especially when there is a system for feedback and accountability…

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The Practice of Business

Doctors practice medicine. Attorneys practice law. At the Saint Louis Business Club, we practice business. As an entrepreneur and small-to-medium size business owner, knowing how and when to grow, diversify or stabilize your business is critical for long-term success. The…

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Fractional Space + Expertise

January 15 was the grand opening of Studio 1500. The idea for the space evolved after I started exploring convenient locations to conduct entrepreneurial productivity. The second floor of the building has two large studios that had been used for…

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Sowing Seeds

In 2015, I left my banking career at Rockwood Bank to begin an entrepreneurial journey. It was my dream to start a variety of businesses and develop a diversified portfolio over time. I created Seed Level Creativity Lab with the…

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Squirrel Hunter

I love the Pixar movie, Up. It’s a sweet story about love, adventure and for me, distractions. The canine characters featured in the movie are equipped with advanced technology that helps translate their doggie talk into English allowing them to…

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