I Want to See You: The In-Person vs. Virtual Dilemma

This summer, I went to lunch with my mentor, Dr. Tom Hill. He asked me whether he should move forward with hosting his annual Eagle Summit gathering in person or virtually. He wanted to be as considerate as possible given…

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The Value of Accountability Partners

Do you have fitness equipment that will help you stay physically fit? I was in the habit of acquiring new equipment and using it for awhile until the newness wore off. Ultimately I stopped using it altogether. However, I’m on…

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What is The Alternative Board?

As a facilitator, coach and a consultant, I’ve come across good programs in the marketplace to start, build and grow businesses. I’ve learned from others, developed my own and adopted existing programs when it made sense. I enjoy building programs from…

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Introducing The Annex

2020 has been such a wild year! It certainly hasn’t been boring, but it has been challenging. Luckily, we’ve managed to stay very busy on multiple fronts. The Saint Louis Business Club has a new home! “The Annex” is located…

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Find Your Flow

Studio 1500 is a space in a commercial building that has a circular flow from conference rooms to studios to offices. When I toured the rooms for the first time, I imagined how like-minded people could utilize it to meet…

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Create the Things You Wish Existed

Before I set out on my entrepreneurial adventure, I dreamed about creating my ideal life and business. My desire to create the things I wish existed is at the center of what drives me. To bring dreams to reality, we…

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