Dreams Coming True

Watching someone else’s dreams come true is very exciting! There’s something special about seeing a person identify their passion and pursue it with a vengeance. I am drawn to that passion, and it’s what I felt when I met Katy…

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You are the Gift

2021 is almost here and now. 2020 has been an incredible year! As someone who makes a living helping people plan out their lives and businesses, it’s certainly been interesting. But, as I wrote a few weeks ago, the turmoil this…

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Mastering the Future with the STLBC

During the past few weeks, the Masters at the STLBC have been working on projects for their own businesses as well as planning for next year. The group has collaborated to provide an educational series during the Wednesday afternoon Mastermind…

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2020: What a Year to be Thankful!

This year has been a great equalizer. We’ve all dealt with at least some (if not a great deal of) turmoil and what a blessing it has been. This year has given us an incredible opportunity to see what and…

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The Masters

This past weekend the 84th Masters Golf Tournament took place at the Augusta National Golf Club. The golfers are the best in their class, and this premier tournament showcased the golfing skills that they’ve mastered over many years of practice…

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The Big Picture

Have you ever had a business idea that you thought was worth pursuing? When my entrepreneurial journey began back in 2016, I explored a variety of options that seemed to have potential. I actually went through the exercise of exploring…

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