Continuing Education

Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents are required to take continuing education to maintain their licenses. I have had my real estate license since about 2005 so I’m familiar with the routine. The requirement is meant to keep professionals up to date on the newest information and…

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Masters and Partners at the Saint Louis Business Club

The Saint Louis Business Club provides an avenue for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build community and be part of purposeful, productive activities. The members have the opportunity to be part of a resource network that provides: Collaborative connections Weekly Mastermind Sessions designed for Business Fundamentals, Content Production, and…

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What is Your Calling?

One of my colleagues is on a mission to bring financial literacy to the masses. It is a mission that he cannot deny because it is his calling; it is what he was born to do. He has a habit of saying, “sometimes you get ahold of an idea and…

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