In July of 2017, four local bands came together to provide an evening of spectacular entertainment to benefit eight local charities. The bands were local favorites including Dr. Zhivegas, Javier Mendoza, Smash Band and Brian Owens.

The idea for this event was sparked in the early stages of developing my previous business that was designed to build a proactive, collaborative community of entrepreneurial professionals. One of the leaders of this project initially shared his dream to host a unique event that would benefit local charities. We brainstormed ideas that ultimately resulted in Rock4theCause.

There were several people who helped organize and provide the connections that were needed. They reached out to their networks and were able to secure the venue, food trucks, and additional services. This was not an easy task. However, we had many talented, dedicated people who worked together to make it happen. It gave us an opportunity to put the business model to work for a good cause, and each of the charities benefited from our efforts. This experience set the stage for many projects that followed.

So much has happened since 2017, and now is the time to reimagine and innovate for the future. The Saint Louis Business Club is a community that combines the best of the original model with a playground of possibilities in our in-person and virtual space at The Annex. We’re in the process of growing our network and working together to help each other support our goals and dreams. 

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” –Thomas A. Edison