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“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”

Brian LuntAs the Chief Creative Strategist for Seed Level Creativity Lab, Brian guides clients through a holistic process of building their own, customized user manual for their life or business with access to a comprehensive network of resources. As the Co-founder of Medici MediaSpace — a collaborative, coworking community — Brian has strived to create optimal environments that promote creativity, positivity and progress towards member goals.

Prior to starting Seed Level Creativity Lab, Brian spent thirteen years working in every department of Rockwood Bank, a small community bank in Southwest St. Louis County that his father founded in 1989. His years at the bank gave him a solid foundation in the financial industry. In 2015, Brian decided to branch out on his own and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. He has helped several clients build companies including a hockey website that helps players find private lessons and camps, a concert series supporting multiple nonprofits as well as a platform that helps support the Saint Louis film industry.

Brian was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He attended the University of Missouri in Columbia. While at Mizzou, he was fortunate to study abroad for two semesters in London, England and Perth, Australia. He loves to travel and encourages everyone he meets to wander around the globe. Brian graduated from MU with a degree in Sociology. Brian attended the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University from 2008-2010 and started his MBA at Washington University in 2009. He earned his MBA in 2011 and added a financial planning office at his bank towards the end of 2012.

Brian and his family live in Kirkwood, MO where he is active in his community recently serving as a member of the City of Kirkwood’s Citizen Finance Committee and a trustee for his subdivision. Brian is a Director for the Brian P. Murray Memorial Foundation and a member of the Board for Rock 4 The Cause, a MO nonprofit. When he isn’t working with clients or on one of his projects, Brian enjoys working on his lawn and garden or spending time with family and friends.

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