When business owners from diverse backgrounds and experience come together, they have a greater opportunity to elevate their business. Mastermind sessions that have a specific purpose can be very effective, especially when there is a system for feedback and accountability in place.

The Saint Louis Business Club was created to provide purposeful connections and productive collaborations. We’re establishing sessions that focus on specific groups and topics that serve the community. We meet regularly at Studio 1500 in Richmond Heights, Missouri. 

Mastermind Sessions

Creative Content (every Tuesday from 1-2:30 pm)

Content producers and consumers (audio, video, photography, digital marketing) will benefit from attending this session.

Business Fundamentals – (every second and third Wednesday from 1-2:30 pm)

This is a topical discussion for business owners that focuses on excelling in six areas of life and six areas of business. It’s designed for interpersonal connections and to unearth better, more creative ideas for business growth.  On February 12, we’ll kick off the STLBC Business Fundamentals Sessions

Health & Fitness Professionals (every Monday from 1-2:30 pm)

In this session, we’ll focus on business basics for health and fitness professionals.

Business club members are encouraged to attend sessions that fit their business need. Guests are welcome to attend one session as an introduction to the interactive format and variety of resources that are available.

Fitness Experiences

In addition to the business sessions, there are several fitness classes available in the Studio 1500 space. 

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