Seed Level Creativity Lab

Create the life you wish existed

Faith...even if its as small as a mustard seed. needs intellectual and monetary seeds.

Ideas begin as a seed in your mind.

Brian - Seed Level 3


Business Strategist | Connector | Facilitator

Seed Level Creativity Lab was created for individuals to map out their ideal life and design a business or career that supports them. Brian customizes holistic programs to assist individuals, groups, and businesses to build the life they wish existed. The process allows you to develop a customized iPlan that includes access to a comprehensive network of resources.

Brian is also the President of the Saint Louis Business Club, an organization that supports an integrated network of resources throughout the greater metro Saint Louis area. Brian likes to play matchmaker within his network so that friends and clients connect with the right people and services for their needs. He also regularly hosts events and masterminds on a variety of topics to better connect and educate the community.

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