“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”

Seed Level Creativity Lab

As the Chief Creative Strategist for Seed Level Creativity Lab, Brian Lunt specializes in helping entrepreneurs and companies identify their primary mission and effectively deliver value to their current and prospective customers.

Medici MediaSpace

As the Co-founder of Medici MediaSpace – a collaborative, coworking community – Brian strives to create an optimal environment that promotes creativity, positivity and progress towards member goals.


Medici MediaSpace provides consistent, viable and collaborative business opportunities for members to learn, share resources and make money. It is a gathering place where ideas are hatched, connections are made and projects come to life.  Our office space and studios are designed for meetings, conferences, workshops, media production, video conferencing, celebrations and special events.

On July 12, 2017, 4 local bands and 8 local charities collided to provide an evening of musical entertainment featuring Dr. Zhivegas, Javier Mendoza presents Hobo Cane, Smash Band and Brian Owens.

The charities included Best Buddies Missouri, Carol House Quick Fix Clinic, HavenHouse St. Louis, The Kaufman Fund, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Pony Bird, St. Louis Police Wives Assocation, T.A.S.K. (Team Activities for Special Kids).

This was a collaborative project that was created, designed and executed by a team of Medici MediaSpace members.

ThruTheCrease is the premiere online community for hockey coaches and players to connect. It’s for coaches dedicated to teaching the game of hockey and for players who want to improve their skills no matter where they’re located in the country.